We aim to provide quality service in order to fulfill your wishes

Please let us know what you want, and we will do our very best to accommodate you. This might include driving to certain destinations, guided nature walks, tasting Faroese food etc. Please let us know what you wish to experience and we will accommodate you to the best of our abilities.

FaroeGuide is a family business that is run at our home in Tórshavn (Hoyvík), where we have accommodations, cars, serve faroese food and have the office. We live on a street called Mannbrekka, Hoyvik, with our youngest child and one dog of the breed Cotton de Tulear, a hypoallergenic breed. We also have two apartments in the scenic village of Syðrugøta.

We love outdoor activities, nature, and cooking Faroese specialities. We enjoy fetching our own food through fishing, participating in whaling, and generally producing food from the amazing natural resources our country has to offer. We also have great experience in hiking and trekking in the Faroe Islands.

We are a sociable couple and love meeting people from different places in the world.

Durita & Fróði