Enjoy a Platter of Faroese Food in our Home

We sense a growing interest for Faroese Food and visiting a Faroese Home. During the last 2 years, we have served many Dinners with several courses. We are now also offering a possibility for a shorter visit, where you try 6 faroese specialities on a platter with a faroese beer.

We are happy to invite you into our home and show hospitality and tell you about faroese traditions and culture. Our home has a beautiful view and we have space for 30 guest.

We serve a Platter with dry whale, dry fish, dry-salted blubber, potatoes, a slice of faroese bread (drýlur) with dried lam (skerpikjøt) and a slice of faroese bread with a kind of sausage made of rolled mutton (rullupylsa). The Platter is served with a faroese beer.

You will also get a cup of coffee/tea with a homebaked cake like my grandmother did it.

We prepare and provide most of the food by ourselves. Price 400 DKK per person.
Duration: 2 hours. We can serve this at lunch time or during the afternoon or evening.

Booking at faroeguide@faroeguide.fo at least 1 day before.

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