Innovation in the Faroese Tourism

Many entrepreneurs are now preparing for the upcoming season in tourism in the Faroe Islands. As the Tourism is growing, many entrepreneurs see new possibilites for establishing a new business or develop there business. This creates many jobs in the tourism and strenghtens the economy in the service trade.

Many farmers have got a wider range of possibilities, by expanding their activity to also reach out to the tourists and the local people by offering farm visits and faroese food from their own products.

HomeDining – “Heimablíðni”
There is a faroese concept called “heimablíðni”, which means home hospitality. This is an oppurtunity for people to visit faroese homes, experience faroese hospitality and enjoy homemade food. Dining out has not been a strong tradition in the Faroe Islands. Instead faroese hospitality, where people invite people into their homes, has been highly prioritized.

During the last two years we have offered “heimablídni” to our guests and other visitors in the Faroe Islands. This summer, we will have different offers, where people can try the faroese specialities prepared and cooked by us. My husband is fishing with a line cutter and he provides the most delicious fish.

More than a dinner
Coming into our home is much more than just eating a meal. We do also tell about the process from catching or slaughtering to serving the food. We provide and make most of our food. We started preparing for our “home dining” last autumn, when we slaughtered the sheep, made blood sausages, rolling sausages and hang the meet up in the storehouse (the faroese “hjallur”) for fermentation and drying. The fermented meat was ready around Christmas and the dried meat “skerpikjøt” is ready in April. The fermented and dry fish is also prepared many weeks in advance to prepare. The fermented food is called “ræst”. So it takes long time to prepare many of our specialities, that are national favourites. You can read more about the faroese food here.

You are welcome to book a homedining visit on We started preparing you visit many months ago and looking forward to welcome you into our home.

    Faroese food by FaroeGuide

Fishery at a long liner                                        A platter with faroese specialities.















The lam meat is hanging for drying.                            Drying whale meat.


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