Faroese food home dining

Danish school tries faroese food

We experience a growing interest for the faroese cuisine. This summer, we have served faroese food once or twice a week in our home with beautiful seaview. People from all over the world have joined our 6-course dinner with 12 specialities.

Last week we served faroese food for 63 students and teachers from a Danish Continuation School. They wanted to try a light version of our menu, so they got dried fish, dried whale, blubber, wind-dried lamb meat (farose: Skerpikjøt), sausage made of rolled mutton (faroese: Rullupylsa) and unleaved bread (faroese: Drýlur).

When we have these home dining meals, we always explain about whale killing and how the food is prepared.  It is a long process to make faroese food, because f.x. the skerpikjøt takes 6-7 months to dry. It was interesting to share and talk with these young people.

They came in 3 groups and joined the meal at our 5 meter long table. It was a great day for us and a special an eye-opening experience for these young people.

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