Enjoy a Platter of Faroese Food in our Home

We sense a growing interest for Faroese Food and visiting a Faroese Home. During the last 2 years, we have served many Dinners with several courses. We are now also offering a possibility for a shorter visit, where you try 6 faroese specialities on a platter with a faroese beer.

We are happy to invite you into our home and show hospitality and tell you about faroese traditions and culture. Our home has a beautiful view and we have space for 30 guest.

We serve a Platter with dry whale, dry fish, dry-salted blubber, potatoes, a slice of faroese bread (drýlur) with dried lam (skerpikjøt) and a slice of faroese bread with a kind of sausage made of rolled mutton (rullupylsa). The Platter is served with a faroese beer.

You will also get a cup of coffee/tea with a homebaked cake like my grandmother did it.

We prepare and provide most of the food by ourselves. Price 400 DKK per person.
Duration: 2 hours. We can serve this at lunch time or during the afternoon or evening.

Booking at faroeguide@faroeguide.fo at least 1 day before.

Take away Faroese food

Would you like to try faroese specialities as “Take Away”? This is now possible at FaroeGuide.

We serve a platter with dry whale, dry fish, dry-salted blubber, potatoes, a slice of faroese bread (drýlur) with dried lam (skerpikjøt) and a slice of faroese bread with a kind of sausage made of rolled mutton (rullupylsa).

We prepare and provide most of the food by ourselves.

Pickup address: Mannbrekka 8, 188 Hoyvík.

We can also deliver it in the Torshavn area for 200 dkk.

Booking at faroeguide@faroeguide.fo at least 1 day before.

Dinners 26. and 28. September 2018

Durita and Fróði love cooking Faroese specialities and serving it to their guests. They enjoy gathering their own food by fishing, participating in whaling and generally producing food from the amazing natural resources that the Faroe Islands has to offer.

They serve an exciting high-quality menu with 12 different Faroese specialities, served as several courses provided and prepared by Durita and Fróði.

You will get a chance to meet other travellers in the Faroe Islands and share experiences. People love these evenings where you’ll learn a lot about the Faroese culture.

One beer and one schnapps are included in the price. Other beverages are served for a reasonable price. Water is served for free.

Price DKK 750.

You can book here or send an email to faroeguide@faroeguide.fo or call tel: +298 266833

Address: Durita and Fróði Gregersen, Mannbrekka 8, FO-188 Hoyvík

We can also arrange dinners by request and serve other menues if possible for us.

Danish school tries faroese food

We experience a growing interest for the faroese cuisine. This summer, we have served faroese food once or twice a week in our home with beautiful seaview. People from all over the world have joined our 6-course dinner with 12 specialities.

Last week we served faroese food for 63 students and teachers from a Danish Continuation School. They wanted to try a light version of our menu, so they got dried fish, dried whale, blubber, wind-dried lamb meat (farose: Skerpikjøt), sausage made of rolled mutton (faroese: Rullupylsa) and unleaved bread (faroese: Drýlur).

When we have these home dining meals, we always explain about whale killing and how the food is prepared.  It is a long process to make faroese food, because f.x. the skerpikjøt takes 6-7 months to dry. It was interesting to share and talk with these young people.

They came in 3 groups and joined the meal at our 5 meter long table. It was a great day for us and a special an eye-opening experience for these young people.

Welcome to our new website FaroeGuide

We are pleased to announce that FaroeGuide is finally live. On our website you are able to get an overview of our services and book our services.

We hope you enjoy navigating around the FaroeGuide site, and find it easy to discover all the services we offer to your tour to Faroe Islands.

Our new site allows you to access information about our tours, faroese food, car rental and accommodation.

If you have any feedback, please get in touch via our email at faroeguide@faroeguide.fo.



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Leiga bili og autocampara

We have 2 new cars available for rent during your stay in the Faroe Islands.


Faroese Dinner

Experience the taste of traditional faroese food. We serve an exciting menu with the special taste of fermented foods, which we call ræst in faroese. We also serve traditional dishes with a milder taste. The dinner is served in our authentic faroese home with a beautiful view. You will taste 8-10 different faroese specialities.

Cooking with locals

We also provide a service where guests can cook faroese food with locals. Get a fascinating experience by learning about the Faroese cuisine and get a hands-on experience by making the food in a cosy atmosphere.
During the cooking class, you will learn how to cook fermented (ræst) fish or whale meat, cook dry fish, whale, and fermented lamb (skerpikjøt), bake unleavened bread, and make a rhubarb dessert.



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