An authentic experience

Would you like to visit a Faroese home and meet local people, eat authentic local food and learn about the culture?

You are welcome to experience all this in our home in Tórshavn (Hoyvík) on the 14 July at 7 pm.

Booking is possible here

Winter hiking

Hike from Fuglafjørður to Hellurnar

There are many beautiful hikes at the bygdagøtur between the villages in the Faroe Islands. Hiking during the winter time gives you a different view than if you were hiking in the summer time.

We hiked from Fuglafjørður to Hellur on a winterday in January.  The hike is mostly easy, but there are some parts, where there is a little bit trekking. When we reach the top of the hike, we turned to the east and hiked up to the mountain Rustin and enjoyed the beautiful view, as the local people call this mountain.  From here we had a view of the northern islands Kallsoy and Kunoy. We also saw the highest and second highest mountain in the Faroe Ialsnds. The weather was pretty clear and we enjoyed the view over around 40-50 mountains.

It is so good for body, mind and soul to enjoy the peace and awesome unspoiled nature in the Faroe Islands.

Hike from Fuglafjørður to Hellurnar
Adding a stone to the cairns when passing them is a Faroese tradition to preserve the cairns.
View over Kallsoy
View over Kallsoy
View over Kallsoy
View over Kallsoy
Hike from Fuglafjørður to Hellurnar
Hike from Fuglafjørður to Hellurnar

FaroeGuide is growing

We have now started our third year in the Tourism in the Faroe Islands and we experience an increasing demand for our services which of course is very positive.

The demand for our modern bedrooms and apartments are higher than before and the faroese dinners are quite popular among travellers, that wants to try the faroese specialities in an authentic faroese home and learn about the faroese culture.

We have now hired Ása Maria Clementsen, a young woman with experience from working in restaurants. She is doing all the cleaning at our place in Torshavn, make food with us for the faroese dinners and serve in other areas.

Winter Light

The winter in the Faroe Islands brings short days with little light. The shortest day is on the 21 December and it is around 5 hours and when the weather is rainy and grey, the light is even more limited. The days are now already around 2 hours longer than the shortest day. The longest day is on the 21 June.

For the last years, we have celebrated the light with lights decorations, music, films and other cultural events in the capital Tórshavn. Al events are free and the atmosphere in the city is very good and positive.  The event was this year on the 2 February.

The photo shows the Faroese Parliament and some winter light.

Faroe Islands is a popular destination

Some of the largest and most respected travel publications in the world have chosen the Faroe Islands as a top destination to visit in 2019. Lonely Planet, The Guardian, The Sunday Telegraph and The Financial Times are among those recommending their readers visit the North Atlantic archipelago this year.

This can be read on, the official gateway to the Faroe Islands. The article is about the growing number of travelers and the growing interest for the Faroe Islands.

Many people have started having AirBnb in their home and holiday homes to accommodate all the tourist. Two hotels are being built in Tórshavn at the moment and many entrepreneurs are starting new offers for this season.