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A boat tour to Vetmanna Bird Cliff is one of the ”must-see” places. 

The boat tour to the Bird Cliffs and grottos near Vestmanna is one of the oldest tourist attractions in the Faroe Islands. On this 90 minutes tour you will get close to exotic birds, you will see sheep grazing on what seems like vertical fields several 100 meters over your head, and you sail into deep grottos and around high-rise free standing sea stacks, carved and shaped by nature through millions of years.

The guide onboard will explain to you, how these birdcliffs used to serve as a source of food in the old days, and how the Faroese still today gather their sheep on the inaccessible, steep mountain sides.

Please bear in mind that this is a tour in the real nature and thus the skipper, who is responsible for safety and comfort, may from time to time change the itinerary due to weather- and sea conditions etc.

Also bear in mind that the weather in the Faroes can be very different from place to place. This also means that you can not estimate the weather in Vestmanna by looking at the weather in for example Torshavn.

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