Faroese Home Dining

Mannbrekka 8, FO-188 Hoyvík


Starter 1: Platter with dry fish, dry whale, dry-salted whale blubber  and dried lam (skerpikjøt) and a sausage with unleaved bread, a faroese schnapps and beer.

Starter 2: Fishsoup of the house and homemade flute

Main course 1: Ræst fish with a gravy with melted fat and good tallow, potaoes and carrots.

Main course 2: Fermented lam/spare ribs with roots and potatoes.

Main course 3: Whale Beef with vegetables, potatoes/mashed potatoes and picckled beetroots.

Dessert: Rhubarb dessert with whipped cream

Beverages are served for a reasonable price. Water, coffee and tea is served for free.


990 DKK Per Person

All inclusive

190 DKK
Per Person
We can also arrange dinners at other dates for groups (min. 8 persons or min. 5.000 dkk) by request and serve other menues. Please send an email to [email protected] or call tel: +298 266833


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Getting there

  • Mannbrekka 8, FO-188 Hoyvík
City buses and SSL buses stop at the intersection Mannbrekka/Hvítanesvegur. Free parking is next to the bus stops and at Hoyvíkar Skúli, Vegurin Langi 121, Hoyvík

If you have any questions please contact us